Walk on the Wild Side of the Costa del Sol

“There are two kinds of climbers – those who climb because their heart sings when they’re in the mountains, and all the rest.”

— Alex Lowe, Mountaineer

With her hiking tours through the Andalusian countryside, guide Johanna Mayrhofer always tries the best to let the hearts of the climbers sing.

Johanna used to organise tours for her local hiking group, but they were so successful that she was inspired to start up her own company “Sur Walks”, which takes small groups through the mountains, forests, nature reserves and typical white villages of southern Spain.

Tours are flexible, with visitors able to choose their itineraries, organise their own accommodation and explore the region in their own time and at their own pace. “There are different difficulty levels, but we always adapt our tempo to the slowest walker,” explains Johanna.

One of Johanna’s goals is to show people that the Costa del Sol is not all about hotels and beaches. It also offers an amazing area of back country where the best of nature can be found.

With groups between three and eight people, tours are intimate affairs. Mondays to Fridays are open to all, while Saturdays are reserved for local residents. “I always try to bring Spanish people and climbers together,” says Johanna.

Wherever you come from – Johanna herself is from Austria – the area offers a rich bounty for those with a taste for exploring. “I tell my groups a lot about the area’s culture, history and botany,” says Johanna, who loves to add colour with an anecdote or two as the hikers pass through hidden villages.

Every tour has its own unique appeal, thanks to a constantly changing landscape with new discoveries around every corner. “I’m really taken with the Andalusian countryside,” says Johanna.

From the impressive landscape to the autumnal glory of the chestnut trees, every tour uncovers new gems. “In the Sierra of Grazalema during one tour I found six different orchids,” recalls Johanna.

To discover the wonders of this region for yourself, visit www.sur-walks.com or call Johanna Mayrhofer on +34 699 316 394.

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