• You Choose: Best Family Properties

    For the next in our series of “You Choose” we have chosen a selection of our most superb family properties across all our regions. Which do you think would make the best place to hang out with the kids?

  • A Guide to International Nurseries and Schools in Barcelona

    Cosmopolitan Barcelona is home to residents from all corners of the globe. Boasting a range of international education options to match, it can feel like an overwhelming choice! From Japanese to German, American and French to traditional British schooling, here is the Lucas Fox Guide to International schools in Barcelona, in partnership with Mum Abroad Spain.

  • A Guide to International Nurseries and Schools in Madrid

    With so many international schools in the nation’s Capital, families are spoiled for choice. We break down the most prestigious International and Multilingual schools in Madrid, from traditional British education to European schools representing a variety of nations.

  • #FamilyFriendlySpain: Family Life in Spain

    Spain is one of those wondrously easy places when you have kids in tow. Here is our fabulous guide to a family-friendly Spain.

  • International School versus Public School in Spain

    With an almost overwhelming selection of reputable International and Public schools across Spain, knowing where to begin your search can feel daunting. International families relocating to Spain have often hotly debated whether it is more beneficial to follow the local Spanish or Catalan system, or to enter the more flexible (but at times costly) international school system. Lucas Fox debates the pros and cons of each, to help make that all-important decision a little smoother, and find the perfect option for your family.

  • Fabian Svensson on relocating to Spain aged just thirteen

    16-year-old Fabian Svensson moved from his native Sweden to the lively Spanish town of Sitges with his family when he was just 13. He talks to LFStyle about his experiences, the challenges and rewards of making such a life-changing move, and shares his top tips for other young people in a similar situation.

  • Interview with Lucas Fox translator Sara Blackshire

    Sara Blackshire was born in Alicante to British parents. She shares with us her unique experience of growing up in a Spanish environment within an English family, and which elements of her lifestyle reflect this incredible mix of cultures (including which languages she dreams in!).

  • #FamilyFriendlySpain: Lucas Fox’s Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

    One of the greatest lifestyle perks of living in Spain (other than it’s majestic coastline and landscape, year-round sunshine and spectacular gastronomy of course) has to be the nation’s relaxed, inclusive attitude to children. From beachfront gems (ideal for a glass of sangria with your sandcastle), to restaurants fully equipped with adventure playgrounds and toddler scooter ramps(!), here are Lucas Fox’s top family-friendly restaurants across our regions.

  • #FamilyFriendlySpain: International School Consultancy

    The International School Consultancy, which provides data and intelligence on the English-medium international schools market, says 4 million students now study at international schools around the world.