Swim spas are the latest designer home accessory, ensuring year-round exercise and relaxation

The use of water as a healing method is known as hydrotherapy. For generations, water in its various forms has been considered a natural medicine that has life-giving power to ease pain and discomfort, soothe the soul and improve physical appearance.

The health benefits of hydrotherapy are proven. The simple sensation of being immersed in water produces wellness in body and mind and is ideal for reducing stress, but variations in pressure and temperature can further enhance the experience.

The many therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy include:

  • Muscle relief and relaxation, plus alleviation of back and joint pain
  • Decreased general pain due to the warmth and pressure of water jets
  • Simplified movement and exercise using the water’s buoyancy
  • Increased muscle volume, strength and endurance due to water resistance
  • Reduced inflammation through hydrostatic pressure
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Increased confidence and better movement
  • Reduced insomnia and stress, plus longer, deeper and more restful sleep and increased body rest and relaxation
  • Easier blood circulation through heat and jet massage, leading to relief from tension headaches and stress-related neck, shoulder and lower back pain
  • Relief from respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, congestion or asthma, through moist heat

A wide range of hydrotherapy products and services are currently available. The swim spa combines the functions of a swimming pool and a spa, giving you easy access to year-round exercise and relaxation in the perfect temperature. It is easy to maintain and ensures effective operation throughout the year.

Leading European luxury spa manufacturer USSPA produces various models that use water and air nozzles to provide hydrotherapy, relaxation and fun. These include the ShiatsuComplex, FanComplex and LegComplex.

To keep the swim spa clean and maintain its water temperature, you can add the ACS ® automatic cover which is available in a variety of colours and metal and textile finishes. Similar to the roof of a convertible car, this opens and closes at the touch of a button.

Information supplied by USSPA

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