Preparing your home for potential buyers

Can you list the top 5 key things to do when preparing to sell your home?

  1. Find out what your property is worth and price it right. As tempting as it is to overprice, this may put off potential buyers.
  2. Create a good first impression. Clean the house, give the walls a fresh lick of paint in a neutral colour and make the space look bigger and lighter. Minor repairs such as updating light fixtures, fixing holes in the walls and new carpeting will significantly increase the chance of attracting potential buyers.
  3. Hire a good photographer to take high quality photos and videos of your property. The internet has taken over the way buyers discover and shop for real estate so it is crucial to advertise your home online. Poor photos or no photos at all is another way to put off potential buyers.
  4. Declutter and depersonalise. Add mirrors to enhance the space. Expose storage space, buyers are always looking for more closet space. Depersonalise by taking down anything hanging on the walls, remove old furniture and clean the windows to let in natural light.
  5. Choose the right time to sell. Spring is the top time to sell as people aren’t away and busy with holiday celebrations. Not only will your house look better with plenty of sunlight, people tend to be more relaxed and happy.

What are the common mistakes people make when preparing your home for a sale?

Being unprepared and putting off potential buyers, neglecting to do basic maintenance, setting an unrealistic price and not using what the internet has to offer to promote your property, such as uploading photos, advertising on social media and researching the competition. Another common mistake is not doing your research properly in order to find a reputable real estate agency.

Can you give some quick fix ideas for cosmetic renovations when selling your home?

This can be crucial when selling your property quickly for the right price. Enhance your entrance, declutter, clean and make necessary repairs. Replace old carpets and countertops that have been worn down. Give your home a fresh lick of paint and make sure there is plenty of light by opening all shutters and curtains and adding soft lighting if necessary.

Immediately before a client visit, how should a seller prepare to sell their home?

Spread the news by word of mouth. Create a buzz between neighbours and friends. Having an event in the property is a good way to meet potential buyers and show off your property. Doing your research and hiring the best real estate agent is key. They will be your pillar from start to finish. Make sure the house is clean and smells neutral, first impressions can make or break a sale.

Do you recommend any major renovations before selling a home?

In my opinion the bathroom and kitchen are what will make the sale. This is where the most time is spent in the house and buyers look for luxury and comfort. Make sure these rooms are renovated before selling as buyers don’t want to spend on plumbing and maintenance.

For overseas buyers looking to invest in property in Spain, what are the key attractions in a home?

Most overseas buyers are looking to retire or looking for an affordable second home. Spain offers a low cost of living, good weather and a new cultural experience, which attracts buyers. They love the idea of having outside space and being able to put their own stamp on the property.

Can you show us 3 impressive interior pics of properties currently for sale on the Lucas Fox website which you feel show off the property to its best potential?

san juan

Beautiful mountain top villa North of San Miguel with jaw dropping sunset views

Price on request
Ref: LFB861
Luxury Property, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms
Size 422m² (4,542ft²)
Plot size 3,250m² (34,982ft²)

This beautiful modern 6-bedroom villa is located on the steep hills of Na Xamena, offering one of Ibiza’s most amazing sea and mountain views.


Huge loft for sale in a classic industrial building in Poblenou, Barcelona

Ref: BCN1101
Apartment, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Size 216m² (2,325ft²)
Terrace 9m² (96ft²)

Close to the beach with good metro and bus links, the loft offers a unique living space, located in the heart of Poblenou’s industrial section in a classic building. The property measures 216m² and is located on a 3rd floor.


Spectacular villa for sale, situated in the Sarrià district of Barcelona’s Zona Alta, with a plot of more than 41,000m², lush gardens, a swimming pool and fantastic views over Barcelona and the sea

Ref: LFS4635
House/Villa, 8 Bedrooms, 8 Bathrooms
Size 764m² (8,234ft²)
Plot size 41,000m² (441,319ft²)

Designed by renowned architect Jerome Granell i Manresa in 1912, Villa Paula is set on the Carretera de las Aigües in Barcelona on a plot of 41,000m², which makes it one of the largest privately owned plots in Barcelona.

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