Lucas Fox Regional Directors share their passion and love of Spain

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Lucas Fox’s regional directors explain and describe what excites them about their region and why they think that every February 14th should be spent in Spain.


I love Barcelona because of the fact that there is always a new spot to discover. The city is the perfect setting for any imaginable occasion, whether you look for breathtaking views, silent romance or huge events of celebrations, Barcelona undoubtedly has the perfect spot for it!

Karen Storms, Lucas Fox Sales Manager Barcelona

Park Guell in Barcelona. Park Guell was commissioned by Eusebi Güell and designed by Antonio Gaudí .

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I love Madrid for so many reasons. This cosmopolitan and vibrant European cultural capital offers a fantastic quality of life, with endless stunning architecture, world class museums and a sunny dry climate all year round. Fashionable Madrid is buzzing with new trendy restaurants, bars and shops opening daily, this unstoppable city is full of friendly sociable people that keep going 24/7.

Rod Jamieson, Director Lucas Fox Madrid


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Costa Brava

I love the Costa Brava because… just like the perfect husband it never ceases to surprise and amaze – no matter how many times you go and, just like the perfect wife, it’s beautiful, cultured, inspirational and just a little bit wild.

Tom Maidment, Partner Lucas Fox Costa Brava


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I love Maresme because there is romance hidden in every corner. An ideal Valentine’s day starts  with a coffee & croissant at the local bakery in Alella, then a walk down to EL Masnou Marina to enjoy an aperitif at Moll Est. Then I would enjoy a nice stroll on Ocata beach before lunch. The evening will be filled with romantic films and possibly a little cava, and I wouldn´t spend it anywhere else than on the Maresme Coast.

Rafael Rosendo, Director Lucas Fox Maresme

en route photography

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I love Ibiza because this beautiful island has the best, romantic sunsets in wonderful locations such as Es Vedra, the prettiest villages where you can lose yourself such as Santa Inés with its fragrant almond blossoms (stunning in February) and finally Ibiza of course offers the best restaurants serving delicious dishes in stunning locations . I LOVE IBIZA. IBIZA IS WONDERFUL.

Susana Sánchez, Director Lucas Fox Ibiza


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I love Sitges for the same reasons that anybody who has ever stepped foot here will agree! Apart from its amazing microclimate, its beautiful beaches, the proximity of the stunning Garraf Natural Park, the proximity to Barcelona and the airport, its multitude of quality shops, bars and restaurants, its beautiful architecture and excellent infrastructure, it encompasses a dynamic and diverse population of all ages and nationalities. There is just something very addictive about the place. I think it is the unique ambiance that comes from living in a small town with a vibrant city feel.

Rachel Haslam, Director Lucas Fox Sitges

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I love Marbella! Why? Well, Marbella is just the most romantic place…it has everything you can ask for: great weather, beautiful sandy beaches and plenty of entertainment whether you be a party animal or shopaholic, sports fanatic or nature lover. People come from all over the world to enjoy the same simple pleasures, all fused with that irresistible Andalusian charm that has us falling in love and coming back again for more and more.

Stephen Lahiri, Partner Lucas Fox Marbella


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