Lucas Fox Agent of the Month: Tom Maidment, Partner of Lucas Fox Costa Brava and Maresme

Tom is a Partner of Lucas Fox’s Costa Brava and Maresme businesses. Since joining the company in 2007 he has developed Lucas Fox Costa Brava into one of the region’s most successful real estate agencies and in recent years has secured some of the company’s largest residential sales transactions. Prior to joining Lucas Fox Tom worked for 12 years in the Sports Marketing industry in London, managing high profile sponsorship, marketing and PR campaigns for global brands.

Favourite pitstop?

Bruma beach lounge bar in Cabrera de Mar. Or when it closes down for winter, BeWater in the nearby Club Náutico.

Mountains or beach?

I have to have my fix of both, although I’m only interested in mountains if they are covered in snow. If forced to choose between living close to one or the other, the sea definitely gets the nod.

Eat in or Eat out?

I love cooking but rarely have the time – so out.

Diet or exercise?

As far as I’m concerned exercise has to involve a ball (preferably oval shaped), a bat or a racket. Running bores me to death and gyms are for people with too much time on their hands. If I can’t get my fix of ball sports I’ll just skip lunch. Is that a diet?

Facebook or phone?

Presumably the advantage of smartphones is that you don’t have to choose?

Reading books or watching TV?

I’m a terrible reader. Don’t ask me about books. TV every time.

Hard sell or soft sell?

Soft, unquestionably. Soft, slow, but effective.

Home – London or Barcelona?

Barcelona, no contest. Sorry London, you had your chance.

Favourite place to hang out with the kids?

The beach, before the crowds arrive early on Saturday or Sunday morning.

I couldn’t get through the weekend without…

Beer, wine, sport, the Sunday papers, the BBQ and the family.

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