Introducing Six Wine Stories

Six Wine Stories initially emerged in 2014 as a tasting group, created by two Brits Robert Hunter and Andy Thompson, and since has gone from strength to strength.

Robert moved to Spain 30 years ago from the UK and has been working in the Spanish wine trade industry, exporting ever-popular Spanish wines around the world. For the last 11 years, Robert has been sourcing his own wines for export, spending a lot of time on the road.

Winemaker Sara

He decided that with all his travelling it would be worth visiting some of the many smaller wineries and exploring what they could offer. He has come into contact with many relatively undiscovered wines, and people with great stories to tell. So the wine tastings began from there – every 3 months Robert brought back a variety of good quality, well priced wines from across Spain, while his friend Andy (who was well connected within various expat groups) would set up the tasting events, and make all the admin happen.

The company has been welcomed by Telefèric Restaurant, where they undertake their Barcelona tastings. Working with Telefèric has meant that their tastings are more relaxed than the many others around.


Although their wines are invariably delicious, what makes Six Wine Stories truly unique is that they don’t focus on the wines’ technical elements, but rather on the stories that set them apart. Following their tastings, many people stay on for pintxos and tapas, enjoyed with the same 6 wines – one couldn’t ask for more!

As these unique tastings have become increasingly popular, they have started offering corporate tastings and hosting private events.

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On top of this, demand for tastings in Sitges has meant the group now offer their particular brand of informal, immersive wine tasting in a cosy local restaurant called El “nou” Secreto in the Old Town. Word has spread so quickly that they are even looking to start in Sant Cugat!


“Our events have worked well because our customers enjoy them and keep coming back, so 2016 has been about rewarding our fans. We have started a subscription plan where members receive delivery of 2 of our wines each month (either 4, 6, or 12 bottles), get 10% off any case orders they make, as well as free admission to the all important tastings, etc. For those on the 4 bottle plan (€49.90), they save €27 a month! And of course, we’ve had lots of people sign up. In our first month alone we had an extra 75% of the number of people sign up than we had anticipated, which is not only a testament to the popularity of our products, but also great for all the small, unsung, and talented wineries that we have been representing.”

– Francis Wardley, Personal Wine Manager.


Outside of their subscription plan, 2016 so far has meant listening to the enthusiastic demands of their loyal customers. For example, the group are about to announce an innovative new Party Service, set to cater for the key worry when organising any party – the drinks. The service will include a complimentary glass hire service and sale-or-return wines for their customers who purchase their wines directly, delivered to their door!

A word with Francis Wardley, Personal Wine Manager at Six Wine Stories.

MoD“As you can see above, I wasn’t in the original mix, rather I am a recent addition to the team! I joined 6WS in November 2015, working from London, and moved to Barcelona full time in January of this year.

I first discovered a love for vineyards and wineries whilst working in Chile, and when I realised there was many a career to be had in the wine trade I was off! Rather than staying in Chile, I moved back to London (the globally recognised marketplace for wine) and began working for Majestic Wine, followed by FINE+RARE Wines in central London. Both companies focused on opposing ends of the market: Majestic offered highly accessible labels, whilst FINE+RARE’s average bottle price was £90.

Spain always held an attraction for me (in particular Jerez – the home of sherry). With around 7,500 wineries and 50,000+ wines, it is still only Rioja and Ribera that really get talked about, so there seemed to be a market for combining undiscovered, quality Spanish wines with accessibility. And that’s exactly what Six Wine Stories now does.

Due to Spain’s struggling global profile with wines (much like Italy in the 80s), producers struggle to put high prices on quality wines. Our wines are very reasonably priced between €8 and €20 per bottle – an €8 bottle would cost over $15 (£11) in the USA, our current €14 bottles would be around $30 (£21), and although we do not currently have any in our current 6, a €20 bottle would be around $40 (£28), and we make these wines accessible to our customers on a monthly basis at great prices.

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What makes us unique here in Barcelona is that the way we operate is very personal. It can sometimes be intimidating walking into a wine shop, walls lined with every wine you can imagine, and not knowing what the difference is from one to the next. We have no shop, and our online shop is (like a lot of others) difficult to navigate. Therefore most of our sales are secured by email, over the phone, or by Whatsapp.

This is great, as customers can ask us any questions they may have about wines, whilst by simultaneously getting to know our customers, we can offer them wines that we think they will like.

The great relationships we have with our clients are the reason my company title is Personal Wine Manager. When you consider that it is now possible to have wines personally recommended for you by someone you know (who is available to answer questions directly to your mobile), at no extra cost, why enter a traditional wine shop ever again?”

Lucas Fox

Six Wine Stories are currently offering an exclusive deal on their current mixed case, only for Lucas Fox clients.