Interview with Ibiza resident, interior stylist and mum, Laura Marks

Why did you decide to move to Ibiza?

I have always loved Ibiza since I first came here in my late teens in the 90s. I spent university summers working here and for a young person it was the most fun I could have had. It’s always a place I have been drawn back to year on year and having spent 15 years living in London I was ready for a change. I wanted my little girl to grow up in a relaxed and healthy environment where she could spend her childhood outside in the sun. Ibiza has everything we wanted for our lifestyle. The weather, the natural beauty of the island and the amount of things to do as a family is never ending.

How have you found living there since your move?

I would say it has surpassed any expectations I had when we were preparing to leave London. It was always going to be a big change leaving friends and family and starting a new life, but Ibiza has a strong sense of community and the people who live here are very open and friendly. We have made friends very quickly and it feels like home already. We are still very excited about being here. It’s opened up a new lease of life for our family. We went to watch the sunset on Saturday and it was a real ‘pinch me’ moment. We discussed how lucky we are to live in such a breathtaking environment.


How family-friendly is Ibiza?

It’s incredible the difference we experience here in Ibiza compared to living in London with our little girl. Spanish culture is inherently family-focused. Children are welcome and even encouraged everywhere you go. There are some good schools and it’s great to have your child learn in a diverse environment, learning languages and having friends from a broad mix of nationalities. I would say the family friendly aspect is probably one of the most positive things about moving here. Children have the time of their lives.

What do you think the best thing about living on Ibiza is?

The beauty of the island is easily the best thing. There’s so much to do in the winter and the summer. Being in the sun and having the beach on our doorstep is heaven.

What was your experience with Lucas Fox?

Lucas Fox were 100% professional from the get go. Our agent Steven (Seifert) listened to what we were looking for and took genuine interest in our needs as a family. I found that they listed the best cross section of properties on the island and I was really impressed with what they showed us. Buying in Spain is something we were new to and the process is very different from buying in the UK. The team at Lucas Fox made the process very smooth for us. They explained everything so we were prepared from the beginning and end of the purchase. I feel they went above and beyond their role in the process and even helped after the sale with getting settled on the island. We feel we were very lucky to have bought a property though them as a result.


What do you think the most important quality for a real estate agency?

Experience and professionalism.

How would you describe the buying process?

It can be complicated depending on the style of house you are buying. In Ibiza there are lots of different styles of home from remote dilapidated fincas to ultra modern turn key villas and each style of home will require a different process where different laws come in to play. Having a good lawyer and a professional, experienced estate agent like Lucas Fox is paramount to a smooth process ensuring difficulties are kept to a minimum and don’t come in the way of the sale. Lucas Fox were integral to the process and were with us from offer to completion through every step which we quickly realised we could not have done without.

What would your advice be to others thinking of buying in Ibiza?

Choosing an agent you can trust who has the level of experience needed to secure your dream home. Don’t scrimp when it comes to legal representation. An experienced lawyer is invaluable to the process.


Describe Ibiza in 3 words.

Beautiful. Inspiring. Heavenly.

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