Rialto Living: Mallorca’s premium lifestyle store for the discerning, design-orientated shopper

CF: What is the concept of Rialto Living and how did it come about?

RL: We moved to Mallorca in 2006 and realised we wanted something to do, so decided to open a store with a mix of all the things we liked but could not find on the island. We wanted a relaxed, select, stylish mix of products, which offered something for everyone. To do this, we needed a large space, which in the centre of Palma is not easy. Eventually, we found an old theatre that had been turned into a cinema – Palma’s first, dating back to 1952. The cinema was called Rialto and had been closed for a couple of years. We kept the original name because everybody knew where it was located and added ‘Living’ to the name.

CF: What services and products do you offer?

RL: We sell clothing and accessories for men and women. We carefully select labels which you cannot find anywhere else on Mallorca, avoiding well known global brands. We also offer all sorts of artisan gifts as well as home décor such as beds, sofas, lamps, fabrics, designer paints, bed linen, cushions, glasses, crockery, cutlery, placemats and so on. We can provide home decoration projects including upholstering and curtains, made by our in-house seamstress. In addition we have a café where you can have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and drinks. We also run an art gallery with monthly exhibitions featuring mainly local artists.

CF: How do you source your products and what is unique about them?

RL: We use our own designers for our sofas, armchairs, bed and bedding. We work with a local blacksmith who makes our tables, lamps and bed frames. We also go to various fairs to source products that fit into our concept.

CF: Who are Rialto Living’s typical clients?

RL: Today, given Spain’s challenging economic situation, most of our customers are tourists and Northern European second homeowners.

CF: Why did you choose Mallorca as a base for Rialto Living?

RL: The quality of life on Mallorca is fantastic with easy access to the rest of Europe, great climate as well as being safe and peaceful.

CF: Rialto Living is based in a stunning building, can you tell us about about its background?

RL: The building is an old palace and they originally built a theatre (later a cinema) in the grounds. The entrance to the theatre/cinema is via a side door.

CF: Tell us about some of your favourite places on Mallorca and why?

RL: There are so many! The wide variation in a relatively small area is what makes it unique. You have rocks and sandy beaches, mountains and meadows. You can hike and bike and all the rest!

Rialto Living Palma S.L.
C/ Sant Feliu 3C
07012 Palma de Mallorca
+34 971 713 331