DJ and editor of online dance music magazine DMC World Dan Prince looks ahead to summer on Ibiza 2014

Dan Prince is one of the best known faces in the dance music industry. He currently lives near San Carles in the North of Ibiza where he runs the leading online dance music magazine DMC World. We caught up with Dan whilst he was in Miami, schmoozing with music industry moguls at the annual Music Winter Conference…

JC: What were your biggest musical influences?

DP: I was brought up with music 24/7. My dad was one of the first ever DJs aboard the pirate ship Radio Caroline in the mid sixties (the film ‘The Boat That Rocked’ was based on those crazy days) and went on to be the Programme Director at Radio Luxembourg for 16 years. He would always be in his record room playing the latest Beatles, Michael Jackson or David Bowie tunes, so I was pretty spoiled. Saying that, the first concert I ever went to was Frank Sinatra!

JC: Best childhood memories?

DP: The parties at our family home in Luxembourg were legendary, with everyone from Queen to Elton John dancing around the living room.There is even a photo of my dad and Elvis together hanging somewhere on the walls of Graceland!

JC: Ibiza or the UK?

DP: I love Christmas in England but a few weeks is enough! Bring on the sunshine and the happy faces…

JC: Most memorable Ibiza moments?

DP: The Manumission Motel for starters, Sven Vath’s Cocoon after-parties in the hills, Luciano’s free parties in 2009 at a then little known beach bar called Ushuaia, Frankie Knuckles & David Morales at Pacha…

JC: Favourite Ibiza beach?

DP: Cala Conte for the sunset, Aguas Blancas for the über-cool Tiki bar and Cala Salada for its sheer beauty.

JC: Ibiza Restaurant of choice?

DP: Lunch at The Hacienda with the best views on Ibiza, the meat restaurant Cami de Balafia near San Lorenzo in the North. It’s a real treat eating under the stars and being served big succulent slabs of free-range chicken, lamb, rabbit and pork. Also, Clandesdining culinary nights – unforgettable events in impossible-to-find locations. Last year’s pig farm party was great!

JC: Most anticipated party of the 2014 season?

DP: Hardwell will be amazing at Ushuaia, Steve Aoki will be wild at Pacha and I love Marco Carola’s ‘Music On’ at Amnesia. I’m also looking forward to Disclosure’s ‘Awaken’ residency with ‘We Love…’ at Space.

JC: Top Track for Summer 2014?

DP: Round Table Knights ‘Morning Delight’ (Exploited) – This one’s for that sunrise moment. We get classic Detroit drums and piano with a delicious nod to those ‘Strings Of Life’ – a much loved classic for the next decade in Ibiza.

JC: Biggest Lesson Learned in Ibiza?

DP: Respect the island. If you don’t, it’ll eat you up and spit you out.

JC: Sunrise or Sunset?

DP: There is nothing quite like dancing in Ibiza as the sun comes up. Then again there’s nothing quite like watching the sun dip into the sea at Café Mambo as Ibiza resident DJ Jason Bye drops Dire Straits ‘Private Investigations’ and everyone around you starts clapping. It’s moments like that which make you realise Ibiza is one of the greatest places on earth.

JC: Top 3 tips for a happy life in Ibiza?

DP: Try to learn a little of the language, get off the beaten track and explore and…pace yourself!

JC: And finally – favourite track on LF Style in Ibiza?

DP: Les Julles ‘We All Need Some Holidays’ – a classic Ibiza house vibe that’s drenched with live sax (he did say ‘sax’