We speak with with Marta Roig of Moto Luís, Ibiza, as she prepares for another bustling high-season.

JC: Where are you originally from and how long have you lived on Ibiza?

MR: I was born in Ibiza, as far as I know, all of my ancestors were also born here.

JC: Moto Luis is the oldest vehicle rental company on the island. When was the company founded and can you tell us a little about its history?

MR: Moto Luis was one of the first local businesses in Ibiza, founded in 1956. Our father directed the company from the age of 16, when it only had 12 Vespas and two three-wheelers. By the age of 18, the results of his and his partner Luis López Feliu’s hard work began to show and the business grew.

Today, our father has retired but remains the life and soul of the company. He has passed the running of the business to my sister and I and we try to run it with the same enthusiasm and values.

JC: Where is the company based and where can clients find your vehicles?

MR: The main office is in San Antonio and we have another office near the airport. Our customers can receive their vehicles wherever they require them: at the airport, at the port, hotels and private houses. We offer a very personalized service, unlike other large working companies based on the island.

JC: What makes Moto Luis unique among the competitive car rental market?

MR: We are a local, family business, where the customer is our number one priority and the full rental process is supervised from the moment he or she asks for an estimate until he or she returns the booked vehicle. We know each one of our clients and they are equally important to us weather they hire a small car for a day or they hire the most luxurious vehicle for a month.

JC: What do you enjoy most about running Moto Luis and how would you describe a typical day?

MR: Owning a business requires alot of dedication, sometimes a great number of hours and is a great responsibility, as many people depend on our service. However, ultimately it is extremely rewarding as we love what we do and can combine our work with family life which is enormously satisfying. Luckily, the company has stood strong through tough times and we hope it will remain this way for many years to come.

JC: What is the area like where you live?

MR: We are from San Antonio and we adore our town. Many visitors also appreciate the stunning bay that we have, from which you can see the best sunsets on the island and where hard-working people make an effort for the town to be at its best.

JC: How do you feel that the island has evolved since the company first started?

MR: Our father tells us that Ibiza airport used to feel like a beach bar, with chairs and tables where local people would gather to watch the planes taking off, and there was just a small banister to prevent people from accessing the runway. Tour-operators lent money to the first hoteliers, in order for them to build their hotel. All in all, it was a paradise that has gradually evolved, to create wealth and prosperity for the people who live here. Nowadays it’s still an incredible destination with beautiful beaches and breath-taking views, with a fantastic atmosphere. Our wish is simply that everyone respects our natural environment, as well as our culture and traditions. Everybody is welcome here.

JC: Ibiza is a world famous destination – what, in your opinion makes Ibiza such a unique and desirable hotspot for so many?

MR: We are often told Ibiza has a unique light to it, the colour of our sea is also very special and it has the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. We also have the best music clubs in the word and we offer great hospitality and respect everyone who comes. Life in Ibiza is very good.

JC: Can you tell us about some of your favourite places on Ibiza and why?

MR: We always recommend the best spots to all of our customers and, luckily, in Ibiza we have many. From beautiful beaches, white churches, Ibicenco towns, to the ambience in Dalt Vila, visits to Ses Salines, and not to forget sunset views over Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. I also adore Formentera, which is our family’s favourite destination. During my childhood, all of our cars were usually fully booked in August. In those days, they were long rentals and there wasn’t much work to be done, so we would always spend some time in Formentera, where I hold such lovely memories. We always recommend that our visitors spend at least one day there.

JC: Describe Ibiza in 3 words.

MR: Sunshine, Sea and Hospitality.