Homestaging tips for a quick Spring sale

1. Clear Out / Spring Clean

Now is the best time to start organising your home before your move. Throw out anything you won’t be taking with you and try to keep it to the bare minimum. Anything you can live without, put it into storage or store it in your garage if you have one. You want buyers to come to your home and visualise it as being their home. They want to envisage a new beginning so don’t let your clutter distract from that. The same goes for your wardrobes – if you have built-in wardrobes then clean them up, organise your clothes by colour and keep it looking minimal and organised, with no ‘stuffed-in’ pieces that create a feeling of lack of space. Less is more remember!

2. Walls & Windows

A lick of paint will do wonders to brighten up your home, especially if you have some rooms with coloured walls. Unify it with a warm white and keep artwork on the wall to a minimal. Make sure all your windows are sparkling, with curtains drawn back to maximise the natural light.

3. Floors

If you have wooden or tiled floors then consider having them polished. If you don’t want to spend in this area then at least give them a good clean and be strategic with rug placement and make sure all rugs are clean.

4. Furniture Placement

Reorganise the furniture so it has a symmetrical look. In the living room pull furniture away from the walls and try to have side tables and lamps on each end of the sofa, and accent pillows on each side of the sofa. The same goes for the bedroom – matching bedside tables and lamps gives a homey feel. Again, any extra pieces of furniture that you can live without, put them into storage to make your home feel more spacious.

5. Styling

Try to go for a clean, minimalist look that has broader appeal rather than your own personal style. Keep the colours sophisticated and neutral. In the bedrooms, stick to white or neutral linens or cottons, minimal artwork, with some accent pillows. Again, in the dining area, keep the table clear with a few vases in the centre of the table. Nothing too big and keep it simple and neutral for mass appeal.

6. Edit Personal Photos

Your home shouldn’t be stamped with your own personality at this point. If you have walls and shelves decorated with personal family photos then it’s time to take them down. Of course you can leave one or two, just not the whole family tree.

7. Towels & Linens

Invest in some new towels and linens for the bathroom and bedrooms – it will freshen up your home. A few new cushions for the sofa can also bump up a tired looking sofa.

8. Plants & Fresh Flowers

Bringing in a bit of nature gives a home a bit of life. A plant in the living area can make a real difference. Equally, buy some fresh flowers for the the entrance. Just make sure that they don’t have an overpowering smell. Any plants you may already have that are looking a bit sad will need to be thrown away at this point.

9. Define Rooms

All rooms should have a specific use. Any extra room that is not clearly defined needs to be given purpose! A basement can be a games room, and an attic or junk room can be transformed into a spare room or office space.

10. Don’t Fake It

Don’t make your home look over-staged. It is not trying to be a holiday rental apartment and doesn’t want to look fake. Don’t lay out the dining table with a complete dinner set and avoid trays on the bed with coffee cups. It’s fake and people want it to look lived in, but not cluttered, and styled but not staged.

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