Gavà Mar & Castelldefels – two Mediterranean oases on the Catalan coastline

Gavà Mar and Castelldefels offer the tranquility, peace and rhythm of a privileged beach lifestyle and all the benefits to health and quality of life that it brings. These two popular destinations satisfy refined palates and gourmet sensibilities, with lovers of Mediterranean cuisine enjoying a large selection of idyllic restaurants very close to the sea.

Spectacular properties in an idyllic residential neighbourhood

Choose from detached or terraced houses, first line apartments or mountain properties in dreamy urbanisations surrounded by nature and tranquility.

Many people have embraced the opportunity to make Gavà Mar and Castelldefels their home. In recent years these two areas have become important focal points for both national and international property buyers.

It is a genuine and rare privilege to escape the bustle of the city but remain within easy reach of its many services and amenities.

Green areas close to the sea

Natural charm is one of the main attractions of these areas, with a warm welcome provided by lush green areas and wide open spaces beside the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Castelldefels has been awarded a total of five certifications for its tourism and environmental quality – Q of Quality, ISO9001, Ecoplayas, Blue Flag and SICTEC – while Gavà Mar has received the FAD award for outdoor architecture.

International schools

Gavà Mar and Castelldefels are the birthplace of prestigious international educational hubs including the British School of Barcelona and the French Lycée Gavà Bon Soleil. This is one of the main drivers for the many families who have decided to live in these idyllic neighbourhoods.

Water sports and nautical lifestyle

Boats, sailing tables, kayaks, paddle surfing, water scooters… If anything characterises Gavà Mar and Castelldefels it is a great passion for navigation and water sports.

The Canal Olímpico in Castelldefels, built for the 1992 Olympics, offers a wide range of sports including canoeing, water skiing, windsurfing, rowing and kitesurfing, as well as golf and a gym. Also, Port Ginesta is one of the largest sports harbours in Spain, made for lovers of boats and sailing.

Just 5km from the airport

All this is only a few minutes from the airport, making Gavà Mar and Castelldefels fantastic options as holiday destinations or for those whose profession or families require extensive travel within Spain and beyond.

Luxury properties and breathtaking sunsets

There is nothing like sitting and enjoying spectacular views along with the silence, tranquility and energy that emanates from contemplating the beauty of incredible sunsets.

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