A Guide to International Nurseries and Schools in Barcelona


Momo Espai

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 14.12.55

Momo is a group of families and teachers who have come together to create a space where children (from 1 to 6 years old) can discover, experiment and communicate in their hundred languages.

Avda. de la Miranda 18
Esplugues de Llobregat
+34 603 535 680


The Saplings (Sitges)

The Saplings is a UK style Early Years centre with fully trained British government teachers. It has a beautiful 500m² grassy garden and a 700m² gym and shares all facilities with The Olive Tree School. They are situated 5 minutes’ drive from Sitges in Sant Pere de Ribes.

Rambla de Garraf 21
Sant Pere de Ribes


Afind Deutsch (Sant Cugat)

German and Spanish speaking Ludoteca/Kindergarten.

C/Barcelona 27
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès
+34 93 675 19 09


Bcn Kinder (Poble Nou)

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 14.04.11

Kinder Barcelona is an alternative place for children up to the age of 10 years and their families. Its is a new initiative in teaching, personalised to your child’s overall development. The educational objective is to enhance the children’s autonomy, social skills and languages, to prepare them for their next school in Catalonia or in another country.

C/ Llatzeret 9 bajos
08005 Barcelona
+34 647 952 260


Bcn Kinder (Barcelona Gothic Quarter)

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 14.01.42

Private multilingual (German/Catalan) non-profit nursery for children aged 1-6 years in the heart of the Barrio Gótico. Organic food. Outside space and they also have outings at least twice a week. Flexible hours and mixed groups based on the German system. Children are divided into 4 separate groups, adding up to about 50 children in total. BCN Kinder has an internet-based forum for parents and is considered to be ‘educación alternativa’.

C/Belafila 4
08002 Barcelona
+34 93 268 25 78


English Kinder (Sarrià)

Sarrià-based trilingual (English/Spanish/Catalan) nursery and pre-school from 0 to 6 years. Parental input into how the nursery and pre-school are run is encouraged.

C/Margenat 64
08017 Barcelona
+34 93 417 36 77


Frindel (Diagonal Mar)

International private nursery in Diagonal Mar with emphasis on play and education in open spaces. Parents are allowed to participate. The nursery is mainly Spanish speaking and the hours are flexible.

Passeig Taulat 228-232 Bajos
08019 Barcelona
+34 676 572 161


Hamelin International Nursery (Barcelona)

Hamelin International Nursery opened in 2007 and is based in the Vila Olímpica area of Barcelona. It offers a trilngual education for children up to 3 years.

C/Salvador Espriu 27
08005 Barcelona
+34 93 224 12 50


Hamelin International Nursery (Alella)

The Hamelin International Nursery is located in the same place as the main school. The daily language is Catalan but the children also have one hour of English and one activity in Spanish each day. The nursery will move to its new Montgat premises in Autumn 2015.

C/Riera Fosca 3-5
08328 Alella
+34 93 555 22 96


Kids Park and the Early Childhood Unit

Kids Park (0 – 2) and The Early Childhood Unit (ECU) (2 -5) are both owned by Escaan International School.

Passeig Isaac Albeniz s/n
08870 Sitges
+34 93 894 20 40


Little Ducky

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 14.20.29

Multilingual family-run nursery based in Sant Cugat for babies and toddlers from 9 months. The groups are very small and the approach is very personalised. Comes highly recommended.

C/Joan XXIII 31
01873 Sant Cugat del Vallès
+34 93 589 17 04


Noah’s Ark (Esplugues)

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 09.54.30

Trilingual international nursery located in a large house in Esplugues.

C/Doctor Ferran 74
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
+34 93 473 53 71


Planet English Morning Club (Sitges)


Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 09.56.14

Planet English Morning Club is a unique educational experience offering a full Primary curriculum taught in English in the mornings to children between 2 and 5 . Maximum of 18 children with at least 3 qualified, caring and experienced teachers, Planet English Club has large open plan premises, a good range of teaching resources and a library corner. The aim is quality personalised teaching to very a limited group. They like to work very closely with the family and believe that education should be fun and stimulating at this age. Interested families are welcome to come for a hands on visit and to join in some of the activities.

C/Germans Maristes 2
08870 Sitges
+34 93 811 17 49


The Early Years

The Early Years is a child minding service for children up to the age of 5 (maximum of 5 children per time) run by Melissa Boddy, a qualified English nursery teacher with 20 years experience.

Based in Can Roca (near Mas Mestre Swimming Pool)

Call Melissa Boddy on +33 650 173 807


The Playhouse

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 09.57.24

Progressive international daycare centre in Gracia with flexible and part-time options. Parents welcome. Organic food. Open space. Run by British mother of two Sarah Yandell.

Calle Mozart 10 bajos
08012 Barcelona
+34 93 368 78 34 or 661 469 419



Trilingual (Spanish, Catalan, English) nursery based on Montessori philosophy for children aged 1-6 years in Poble Nou. Comes highly recommended. Parental participation encouraged. Hours 8.30am-3pm and there are also part-time options.

C/Pere IV 190
08005 Barcelona
+34 664 580 347



Col.legi Aura

School and Nursery following the Spanish system, Col.legi Aura offers a trilingual (Spanish, Catalan, English) education at Nursery, Preprimary, Primary and Secondary level (up to the age of 18).

Ctra de Tarragona – Reus s/n
43204 Reus (Tarragona)
+34 977 547 033


Escola Turó

School and Nursery Escola Turó offers a trilingual (Spanish, Catalan, English) education at Nursery, Preprimary, Primary and Secondary level (up to the age of 18). The school follows the Spanish curriculum.

Ctra de Reus s/n
43120 Constantí (Tarragona)
+34 977 520 511


Saint George’s School

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 10.01.20

School and Nursery Saint George’s School is a private non-funded educational institution. It is located in Fornells de la Selva, 5 minutes from the centre of Girona. It was founded in 1988 with the objective of offering qualitative bilingual education, where the English language is used in all the subjects taught throughout the school. The teaching throughout the centre follows the LOE’s (Legal Obligatory Education) educational system from which the Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate Education is established in Catalonia.

Pupils learn and live with the English language, not as a foreign language but as a language used in the teaching-learning process. In order to encourage language acquisition they use a system of immersion into the English language where the class teacher is always a native English speaker.

C/Josep Pla 2-4
Urbanització Fornells Park
17458 Fornells de La Selva
+34 972 476 065


The American School of Barcelona

The American School currently has 790 students, about 45% International, 20% American and 35% Spanish. The school is accredited by the Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as well as by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The school offers a university preparatory curriculum which provides its graduates access to American, Spanish and international universities. The instruction is in English, and in Elementary and Secondary school, children typically get about an hour of Spanish instruction per day (either for those proficient in the language or for Spanish as a Second Language students) and 2 or 3 hours per week of Catalan.

C/Balmes 7
08950 Esplugues
+34 93 371 40 16


Benjamin Franklin International School

MS_HS Building with flowers

School accredited by the Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools as well as by the Spanish Ministry of Education, the Benjamin Franklin School prepares students for Universities both in the USA, Spain and other countries. BFS is very much a multicultural environment – around 35% are Spanish/Catalan, 30% American and 35% other international students. The school is divided into 4 subsections – Early Childhood, Elementary (grades 1-5), Middle (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). High School students are required to take 4 years of English, Spanish, Social Studies and Physical Education and 3 years of Mathematics and Science. Also obligatory are Computer Science, Music and Art.

Calle Martorell i Peña 9
08017 Barcelona
+34 93 434 23 80


The British School of Barcelona

british school

Independent school with an international mix of students from 3 to 18. The English National Curriculum is taught by native English teachers. GCSE and A Level results are excellent, enabling students to enter universities around the world. Part of the Cognita group chaired by the highly respected former UK Inspector of Schools Chris Woodhead, the British School follows the UK curriculum. Spanish is introduced at 4 years and Catalan at aged 5. Located 20km from Barcelona in Castelldelfels, close to the beach. A bus service is available.

C/Ginesta 26
08860 Castelldelfels
+34 93 665 15 84


Member of www.nabss.org

Bon Soleil School

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 13.53.11

Bon Soleil School in Gavà (just outside Barcelona), was ranked as one of Spain’s top 100 schools by El Mundo newspaper in 2009. The school follows the French education system with English, Spanish and Catalan as secondary languages. Founded in 1969, there are currently 1,080 pupils in the school and 71 members of staff.

Listed in El Mundo’s Top International Schools 2009/10

Camí de la Pava 15
08850 Gavà
+34 93 633 13 58


Deutsche Schule

The Deutsche Schule is an independent private school, recognised by the government of Spain and accredited by the Ministry of Education in Germany. Pre-school for 3-6 years. Oberschule for 4-6 years (depending on which exams you do).

The Oberschule is divided into ‘gymnasium’ classes (classes 7-12 with the Reifeprüfung exam) and the Haupt and Realschule (classes 7-10). Pupils can take the Bachillerato (classes 11 and 12) and after the ‘Selectividad’ exam can study at any Spanish or German University.

Listed in El Mundo’s Top Internatonal Schools 2009/10

Av Jacint Esteva Fontanet 105
08950 Esplugues
+34 93 371 83 00


L’École Française Ferdinand de Lesseps

Part of the AEF network, the L’École Française Ferdinand de Lesseps follows the French curriculum and is for children from pre-school through until 5th grade. Around half of the 460 students are French and the school is divided into 2 campuses.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 707
08013 Barcelona

C/València 314
08809 Barcelona
+34 93 232 16 12


The English School


Founded in 1957, The English School is a small trilingual primary school where children can attend from the age of 3 until 12.

C/Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer 50
08002 Barcelona
+34 93 213 88 64


ES International School

ESchool neg

Part of an international network of educational establishments, ES International School follows an American High School programme and offers preparation for college and university applications, as well as an optional tennis program.

La Masia Bldg OK

Autovía de Castelldefels (C 31) km 191
08820 El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Escuela Suiza de Barcelona

The Escuela Suiza de Barcelona accepts children of all nationalities from the age of 3 to 18. The school follows the Swiss curriculum and teaching is in German with Spanish as a second language. Founded in 1919 there are currently 660 pupils at the school. Approximately half the teaching staff are German speaking and the other half Spanish. Both Swiss and Spanish diplomas are awarded.

C/Alfons XII 99
08021 Barcelona
+34 93 209 65 44


Europa International School

From ages 1 to 18, the School is a member of ECIS and follows the National Catalan Curriculum as well as offering different international examinations throughout Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate (e.g. Cambridge, Trinity, DELF etc.). There is a strong emphasis on language learning, with great importance given to values, order and discipline. The majority of the students are Catalan or Spanish with a small percentage from the international community. Teaching is of a high quality and strives for academic achievement with good pastoral care in a family atmosphere. Fees are less than the Barcelona average.

Av Pla del Vinyet 110
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès
+34 93 589 84 20


French Lycée

The French School caters for more than 2,500 pupils from nursery to baccalauréat. Pupils are taught according to the French National System of Education and are required to pass the French academic exams. All levels are taught in French with Spanish, Catalan and English as elective subjects. Teachers have qualifications from France. Students can also qualify for the equivalent Spanish diploma.

C/Bosch i Gimpera 6-10
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 203 79 50



ISCAT follows the English National Curriculum and uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Catalan and Spanish are an integral part of the programme. It has small class groups which allows the team of highly talented teachers to attend to the individual needs of the children.

Passeig 9
La Garriga
08530 Barcelona
+34 93 841 40 77


The Japanese School

colegio japones

Pupils attend The Japanese School from age 7 to 15 and must have one Japanese parent. The curriculum follows the official Japanese school system with some Spanish language. Pupils are taught by teachers sent by the Japanese government and qualify for senior high and university in Japan. School year starts in April.

Camí de can Graells s/n
Polígono Can Graells
08190 Sant Cugat del Vallès
+34 93 589 33 07



Hamelin International School (Alella)

Nursery and Infant education from 0 to 6 years. Primary Education from 6 to 12 years. Secondary Education from 12 to 16 years. Baccalaureate from 16 to 18 years in Science, Technology and Art. The school is popular among ex-pats as it offers trilingual education (English, Spanish, Catalan) from nursery education until 16. The Baccalaureate is bilingual in English and Spanish. There is also an emphasis on learning Chinese. The school has a good reputation and has a high level of academic achievement. The school is around a 20 minute journey from the centre of Barcelona.


Ronda 8 de Març 178-180
Montgat 08390
T: 935556717
E-mail: laie@escolessas.com


Kensington School


Staff at Kensington School have all obtained their qualifications and previous experience in the UK — except for the French and Spanish teachers, who are native speakers and give classes in their own language. Most pupils are sons and daughters of business people, consular or diplomatic officials of various countries, or executive personnel of multinational firms. English is taught in all classes and the school follows the UK curriculum. Spanish is taught from age 7. There is a pre-school for ages 3-6. British Council accredited. Bus and lunch service.

C/Cavallers 31-33
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 203 54 57


Liceo Italiano

Primary and Secondary School up to 16 years. Approximately 150 students.

Ptge Méndez Vigo 5-8
08009 Barcelona
+34 93 487 46 65


Krisol – Waldorf (Premià de Dalt, El Maresme)

Krisol is an association of families and teachers offering Waldorf-based kindergarten for children 2-6 years old following the Waldorf method. Founded in 2004 they are dedicated to providing a space in which there is respect for the natural development of children. Through play and day-to-day activities and rituals, the necessary foundations are laid for future (more cognitive) learning. Krisol is located in Can Botey in Premià de Dalt, 20km north of Barcelona. Languages spoken are Spanish and Catalan.

Torrent de Pau Manent s/n
08380 Premià de Dalt
+34 687 869 715


Oak House

logo OH

Founded in 1968, pupils at Oak House are t aught according to the UK National Curriculum in primary school and the Spanish system in secondary school. Puplis are accepted from the ages of 3 to 17 and there is a nursery school for younger children taught in English. Elementary school is in English and Spanish with Catalan introduced at 8 years. Oak House is British Council credited and  aMember of the European Council of International Schools. There are daily after school clubs including sport (judo, gymnastics, football etc) and cultural activities (music, drama, art, German and French) as well as ski trips and summer school.

Sant Pere Claver 12-18
08017 Barcelona
+34 93 252 40 20


Member of www.nabss.org

The Olive Tree School


“I wanted to create a different kind of school, one which excites and inspires children on a daily basis, a school which channels children’s boundless curiosity and imagination. I wanted children to run in every morning saying, ‘What are we doing today?’. Or, better still, to take the lead and ask, ‘Can we do X today?’. I wanted a school which expected great things from every child and taught him/her the skills to achieve those things. I wanted children to feel that school was a wonderful place to be and that learning was exhilarating and liberating.”

For more information, please contact Head Teacher Audrey Reeder on audrey@go-english.co.uk or +34 677 419 632.

Calle Modistes 8
Sant Pere de Ribes
+34 93 188 62 15


Princess Margaret

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 14.02.22

Princess Margaret School, founded in 1967, is a co-educational, trilingual school for children from 3 to 16. At Pre-primary (3-5) children are taught 15 hours a week in English, 10 hours in Catalan and 10 hours in Spanish. Throughout Primary the languages are split equally, however at Secondary level more emphasis is put on Catalan and Spanish.

C/Font d’en Fargas 15-17
08032 Barcelona
+34 93 429 03 13


Scuola Italiana

Scuola Italiana of Barcelona follows the Montessori system and is certified by the Italian Ministry of Education. Teaching is in Italian with Spanish and Catalan as secondary languages.

C/Setantí 10-12
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 203 00 06


SEK Catalunya

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 13.47.19

Trilingual education (50% English, 25% Catalan and Spanish) with native speaking teachers. They use the ‘Whole Language Approach’ philosophy. To complete their language training, pupils can attend the SEK schools in Dublin or Les Alpes in France. Language learning goes hand in hand with the Spanish Curriculum.

Listed in El Mundo’s Top International Schools 2009/10

Av Els Tremolencs 24-26
La Garriga
08530 Barcelona
+34 93 871 84 48


St Paul’s

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 13.50.23

Founded in 1968 St Paul’s accepts children from ages 3 to 18. Pre-school is taught in English and Elementary school half a day in Spanish. The Bachillerato is mostly in Spanish.

Avenida Pearson 39
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 203 05 00


St Peter’s School

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 13.41.17

Founded in 1964, St Peter’s School accepts children from the ages 3 to 17 with a nursery for children from 18 months. Pre-school is taught in English. Primary school and Bachillerato are in English and Spanish. The school consists of 600 pupils and over 100 members of staff.

C/Eduard Toldrà 18
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 204 31 58


Zurich Schule

Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 13.50.34

The Zurich Schule offers an education in German, Spanish, Catalan and English to pupils from the age of 3 until 14. Bus and lunch services are available.

Av Pearson 73
08034 Barcelona
+34 93 203 76 00


Àgora International School

agora international school

Àgora International School is an independent, non-denominational day school highly commited to the values of international education.

Puig de Mira, 15-21
Urbanitazió Masia Bach
08632 Sant Esteve Sesrovires



Àgora Sant Cugat International School

Àgora Sant Cugat International School is a private co-educational, non denominational school which is part of the educational group of NACE centres.

Carrer Ferrer i Guàrdia
08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès


Aula Escola Europea

This school was founded in 1968 and is entirely independent and has no political, religious or economic affiliations. It prepares young people to reflect, analyze, create, imagine and above all, to generate the changes demanded by society.

Avinguda de la Mare de Déu de Lorda, 34-36
08034 Barcelona


Colegio Hatikva

HATIKVA has since 1972 offered a multicultural and humanistic education of its students, guided by the values of the millenial Jewish tradition. It offers four languages, encompassing four different cultures.

Avinguda Mas Fuster, 128
08197 Valldoreix (Sant Cugat del Vallès)



Collegi Mary Ward


Collegi Mary Ward belongs to a group of Christian Schools of Catalonia which teaches children from the ages of 1 to 16. The school teaches German and English as foreign languages.

Carrer de Copèrnic 55-59
08006 Barcelona



Collegi Montserrat

The educational project ranges from 0 to 18 years of age and accompanies each student in achieving their personal excellence. The presence of art, music, drama and visual media in the curriculum contributes to the enhancement of self expression and aesthetic sensitivity.  The center is trilingual and also teaches French, German and Chinese.

Avinguda de Vallvidrera, 68
08017 Barcelona


Collegi Xaloc

A single-sex education school for boys which was founded in 1964. It provides a solid education to ful students´personal development such as the conquering of good habits and manners, order, respect and oslidarity; new technologies integration and good comman of his antive lanuages as well as English and French.

Carrer de Can Tries, 4-6
08902 L´Hospitalet de Llobregat


English Academy Santa Claus

English Academy Santa Claus is a trilingual kindergarten and school which was founded in 1965 by an Englishman in Spain. The school ensures that English, Spanish and Catelan are all weighted the same. The school is open to anyone who is interested in good academic education and personality development.


Carrer de Lleó XIII, 12
08022 Barcelona


Highlands School Barcelona

highlands school

Highlands School Barcelona is a private, bilingual (English/Spanish) catholic school with the mission of training the leaders of the future through academic excellence and integral formation accompanied by personal guidance.

Carrer de Manuela Florentín Pérez, 26
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat



International School of Barcelona


The Internation School of Barcelona is a private inernational educational school which offers broad perspectives on education for their students from 2 to 18 years old. Students come from many different backgrounds and have the opportunity to share their cultures whilst learning. Qualifications thought here allow their students to access any university in the world.

Passeig Isaac Albéniz
08870 Sitges


John Talabot School

John Talabot is a state funded school where the Spanish curriculm is taught in Spanish, Catalan and English. The school teaches children from the age of 3 to the age of 16 years old. The school works closely with the children’s parents to prepare them for a positive integration into society.

Carrer de les Escoles Pies , 136
08017 Barcelona



Lycée Français Bel Air

The Lycée Français Bel Air is a private school that was set up in 1992 which has been officially approved by the French Ministry of Education. It is a secular school, located in the town of Sant Pere de Ribes which is near Barcelona. The school also teaches in Spanish and Catalan.

Carretera C246 km 42 Vilanoveta
08812 Sant Pere de Ribes


Oak House School

Oak House School is a co-educational Primary and Secondary school for children from the age of 3 to 18 years old. In both the primary and the secondary school children are taught in English, Spanish and Catalan and then later in the secondary school German is introduced as a foreign language. Pupils receive a broad and balanced trilingual education and are therefore prepared for further study in any of the three languages.

Carrer de Sant Pere Claver,12-18
08017 Barcelona



Santa Clara International College


Santa Clara IC is a 45 year old school devoted to the comprehensive education of students aged 18 months to 18 years old . It offers a personalized trilingual teaching which emphasizes English as a universal communication tool.

Carrer de Pomaret 17-19
08017 Barcelona



With thanks to Mum Abroad for the above information.