Celebrity Gossip: could new queen Letizia Ortiz be the answer to Spain’s monarchy crisis?

Following the sudden abdication of King Juan Carlos , Letizia Ortiz is set to become the first Spanish-born queen since 1904. Since marrying crown Prince Felipe in 2004, Letizia (formerly an acclaimed journalist on Spanish national television) has brought a unique touch to the royal family with her elegant style and accessible down-to-earth attitude, much as Kate Middleton has done for the British monarchy.

Hailed as an ambitious and independent career woman, with a reputation for being fearless in her journalism (she once reported from the front line in Iraq), Ortiz was named the country’s most accomplished young journalist in her late twenties. The princess has faced criticism as a result of a previous failed marriage, a topic of controversy in conservative Spain, but remains favoured by the people for her “normal” approach to everyday life. Princess Letizia is frequently spotted getting around on the Madrid Metro system, is an avid sports fan and regularly wears Spanish high-street brands such as Mango and Zara. Often compared to the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia’s charm lies in their family values; they are relatable.

With public opinion of the Spanish Monarchy at an all time low after a series of scandals and economic hardship, could Letizia be just what the country needs to reconnect with their royal family?