Interview with Nancy Gómez, Sales Director of the Ambrosía Gourmet Market in Marbella

Located in the distinguished area of Puerto Banús in Marbella, Ambrosía Gourmet Market aims to delight the taste buds and give visitors a true gourmet experience. Their philosophy comes from “La ambrosía”, a word used to describe the food and drink of the Gods in Greek mythology.

What is the concept of the market?

The concept is based on the cheerfulness of a market environment and warm Mediterranean hospitality that is undoubtedly characteristic of the Costa del Sol. Where you can enjoy twelve different dining options in one room in a very friendly atmosphere.

Why did you decide to open it in Puerto Banús?

After studying several options, we decided on the area of Puerto Banús because it is the place best suited to the needs of our market, providing a parking area, a closed space for winter and a large terrace to enjoy both the summer and winter months. It is the perfect place to enjoy our market.

What makes this kind of market successful?

Unquestionably quality and service are the prime factors for a place like this to work, but in our market we also offer entertainment with live music and we organise events. All of these elements combine to provide an excellent result!

What food can we find in the market?

You can find everything from traditional Spanish cuisine to the most international and exotic foods. Fish and seafood, grilled meat, pasta, sushi… A great variety of tastes for every palate. Not forgetting the excellent wines from our cellar and the most refreshing and tropical cocktails.

Tell me a bit about the events you hold here?

We hold a variety of events, from birthday parties and company events to live concerts, tapas tours and tastings. We started with many gastronomic events but this summer we have held many music themed events which have proved a great success. We are always inventing events that entertain our customers by offering food, fun and a good atmosphere.

Which is your favourite food stall?

It would be very difficult and unfair to choose a single stall because I have a favourite dish at each. But if I have to, then the delicious Piña Colada cocktail bar!

What is Marbella’s typical dish?

Well, one of the best known typical dishes of the area is the “fried fish”. The whitebait is the best known and one of the dishes that sells best in our market.

Why have supermarkets in Spain never taken on this idea?

I understand that for supermarkets it is a different type of business. The gastronomic market offers many more services than a supermarket.

Describe Marbella in three words

Wellness, sun and paradise.



Grilled bbq steaks with fresh herbs and tomatoes


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