A chat with… Patricia Albareda, Executive PA Lucas Fox International Properties

After graduating in Tourism and Hospitality from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Bournemouth University in the UK, Patricia worked in the hotel industry in both the UK and Spain. Prior to joining Lucas Fox Patricia worked for 5 years for a leading hospitality business in Barcelona, managing 20 luxury boutique apartments. Patricia joined Lucas Fox in 2013 as personal assistant to Lucas Fox co-founder Alexander Vaughan.

Favourite pitstop?

Too many to choose, but probably somewhere nice to have brunch, like Flax and Kale.

Mountains or beach?

As a child I always used to spend the weekends and holidays in the mountains but now I definitely prefer the beach – winter or summer.

Eat in or Eat out?

Eat out.

Diet or exercise?


Facebook or phone?


Reading books or watching TV?

When I watch TV or read at night I last no more than 10 minutes before I fall asleep! But movies keep me awake – both at home with my super projector or at the cinema.

Hard sell or soft sell?

Soft sell.

Home or away – Barcelona or somewhere else?

Both, although if I could, I would travel more often!

I couldn’t get through the weekend without…

A long breakfast on a Sunday with a magazine or Pinterest!

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